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  • With sometimes only minutes or even seconds of coverage time on TV/Radio, getting the most out of the message can be tough. As a TV anchor for nearly 2 decades I have learned how to do just that. My experience and skills can provide you with the best way to prepare and deliver the message to an audience - getting the most out of your message.

  • Being in front of the camera or on the radio can be a stressful situation. With my years of experience in both fields of work, I offer a unique set of tools and strategies to help coach you or your organization when media coverage is at the forefront.

  • I've worked with hundreds of corporations and trained their staff at all levels from TV and Radio training to helping to pitch to the media.

What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Lynda is not only a trusted and hardworking colleague she is a true friend. We worked together at San Diego 6 News and Clear Channel Media & Entertainment for a total of two years and in my 25+ years in broadcasting (which included stops in Dallas and New York city) I can honestly say I've never worked with anyone who was more multi-talented, meticulous or dependable than Lynda. Not only is she an excellent communicator and writer, but her success in both television and radio speak volumes with regard to her longevity and versatility as a respected journalist in San Diego and other markets. Additionally, Lynda is just a pleasure to be around. We worked some very difficult and excruciatingly long days at Clear Channel and she always maintained a positive attitude and a warm smile. Her sheer tenacity, people-skills and integrity made her a "triple-threat" in journalism and I would not hesitate to recommend her for ANY endeavor she might pursue.

    Carl White News Anchor Reporter Producer at CBS Corporation
  • Lynda Martin is one of the most well-known and highly respected news anchors in the San Diego region. I can say with confidence that Lynda Martin stands out as a regional media leader and as one of the top professional talents in her peer group. Recently, when I assumed the Chairmanship of the Port of San Diego, I got a first-hand opportunity to appreciate the broad range of Lynda’s media skill set. While I was preparing for my acceptance speech as Chairman of the Board of Port Commissioners, I retained Lynda to assist me in the preparation for the speech that I would deliver to hundreds of City and County leaders as well as many other residents of San Diego County. Lynda patiently worked with me in an extremely professional fashion, helping me with the text of the speech itself, the speech delivery and body language. Also, as I was using a teleprompter for the first time, Lynda assisted me with developing teleprompter skills to create a natural and seamless delivery of the speech. Since that time I have regularly used Lynda as a media coach and there is no doubt that her patient and effective mentoring has greatly assisted me to be a much more effective communicator – both in public speech settings as well as the on-air television environment.

    Dan Malcolm President - Malcolm Properties
  • I have worked with Lynda as a journalist at KOGO radio, and as a partner developing content at INSIDE MEDIA, and she is second to none. Lynda's experience is valuable, (she's a seasoned journalist and an award winning broadcaster) but it's her insight that makes her invaluable. So much has changed in the world in the last five years, but Lynda has a unique talent for bringing the relevant forward, and communicating ideas and content that allows but for one conclusion; there's no one else like her in media today.

    Chip Franklin TalkShow Host at KGO-810AM
  • I have known Lynda Martin both personally and professionally for close to 20 years. She is one of the most hard working women I have ever met, intensely dedicated to both her career and family. Lynda's no nonsense, honest reputation in journalism is well deserved and her 'never quit' attitude is an asset to any team.

    Lolita Zinke Wife of Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior - Dept. of Veterans Affairs Landing Team
  • Lynda was always very positive and prepared in her approach to presenting the news, and took extra step to make sure she had very positive interactions with those she came in contact with the public as well as her associates in the newsroom. I enjoyed working with Lynda very much and felt she was not just a good newsroom citizen but contributed to the success of our newsroom environment.

    Richard Doutre Jones VP/General Manager at Nexstar Broadcasting Group